Hiloprobe AB - improved colorectal cancer diagnostics

Hiloprobe AB has developed a superior method of diagnosing and prognosing patients with colorectal cancer after surgery. Their innovative clinical tool - the ColoNode is far more accurate than current standard procedures, opening up the possibility of personlized medicine within the colorectal cancer field.

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer today. Each year 1.4 million individuals are being diagnosed worldwide. With mortality rates surpassing 50 percent, improved diagnostics, prognosing and better treatments are essential in order to improve survival and quality of life for those affected by the disease.

Current methods inexact at determining cancer spread

The primary treatment for colorectal cancer is surgery. Following the procedure, the resected tumor - and surrounding tissue - are investigated to determine if the tumor has spread. Identified tumor cells in lymph nodes are the most important indicator of patients at risk for recurrent cancer and cancer death. Patients with confirmed cancer spread are therefore recommended postoperative chemotherapy - whereas patients without detected spread are considered to be cured by surgery alone.

Unneccesary suffering and risk of omitted patients

Unfortunately, a sizeable number of risk patients are missed by the current clinical routine. The method used - histopathological microscopy investigation of lymph node tissue - is insensitive, subjective, and unable to discriminate between aggressive and non-aggressive tumor cells. As a consequence, many patients do not rec get the treatment they would benefit from, while others go through treatment, with unnecessary suffering for the patients and higher healthcare costs as a result.

ColoNode® - a tool to accurately diagnose colorectal cancer

Hiloprobe is developing an all new approach for exact and efficient colorectal cancer diagnosis. Through the use of specific biomarkers identified by scientists at Umeå University and Helsingborgs Hospital, the company can offer a specific and sensitive PCR-based solution for improved diagnosis and prognosis of colorectal cancer.

ColoNode® is an invention by Hiloprobe, that can accurately identify which patients are at risk for recurrent colorectal cancer after surgery. The ColoNode® objectively detects tumor cells in lymph nodes with high specificity and sensitivity. In addition, it discriminates between aggressive and non-aggressive tumors, which is completely new and unique information not available in clinical practice today.

Clinical opportunity for personalized cancer treatment

This innovative clinical tool depend on the analysis of a carefully selected set of biomarkers that has been shown to be superior to the routine method for prediction of recurrent colorectal cancer today.

Thus, Hiloprobe provides a new approach for clinicians to effectively diagnose and categorize patients according to risk of recurrent disease. The ColoNode can effectively pave the way for personalized postoperative treatments in the area of colorectal cancer care.


About the company: Hiloprobe

Hiloprobe AB is a resident incubator company at UBI and currently accepted in stage Verify II in the business development process.

  • The company was founded by a team of scientists and clinicians from Umeå University and the Norrlands Universitetssjukhus.
  • This innovative startup is currently looking for investment partners, and is aiming at securing funds to perform further verification activities.
  • Open the one-page investment prospect in pdf (link to document).


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