• Photo: Carolina Hawranek
  • Photo: Carolina Hawranek
  • Photo: Carolina Hawranek

How we can help to refine your idea

Research and innovation are two very different things. But sometimes they need each other to benefit patients and improve health and life quality for people worldwide.

We are here to make sure that you skip the detours and get the tools to evaluate if the commercial approach is a way to apply your research results in practice. However, having the idea is the easy part -  we are ready to help you with the rest.

Consult us before publication - two paths are possible

Publishing your results is the number one duty for any academic. But in order to implement and apply your discoveries - a second commercial path can be beneficial. Sometimes even the only way to reach patients and clinical practice.

The first step is to investigate the quality and potential of your idea. Nobody want's to waste their time - and it's our job to give you expertise feedback right from the start. Therefore, we must access if your results are suitable for a commercial path. If not, you can still return with new insights and fresh perspectives on your futher research.

Take a look at our practical checklist for IPR-issues right away to access your idea on your own.

Checklist for a promising life science business idea

As a start, we examine the following aspects together. We believe that a good starting point for a life science business project is an idea based on the following:

  • Original experimental data
  • Possibility for a strong IPR protection (intellectual property rights)
  • The approach is feasible, scalable and viable
  • The end product has the customer in mind
  • There is a large medical need for your solution

We work with the N.A.B.C model

We also believe that the NABC-method is instrument when you think about how to refine an idea and when you develop a business plan.

NABC (Need, Approach, Benefit and Competition) is a method of putting the consumer/client at the center, when formulating a business plan. They are, after all, the ones who has to become interested in your idea.

The NABC business development method was developed at Stanford University, and it is used by VINNOVA when they evaluate projects that apply for funding. So, you get a head start in finding financing at the very start of your project, without cheating.

Look at this clip for a quick introduction to the NABC method.

At Umeå Biotech Incubator you will get the chance to use methods like NABC and BMC (business model canvas) to help you refine your business idea. But we are with you every step of the way to share our biomedical and life sciences business development experience.


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