Find out if your discovery can become an innovation

Maybe you have a hunch? Or a clear vision. All ideas are welcome. Talk to us about your new findings and maybe it will be the next diagnostic kit, potential drug, or the all new clinical routine method.

Do you have a feeling that your scientific discovery could be applied and make a difference in society? What if your idea could make a real impact in the lives of thousands, millions of people? To try a commercial path is good way to test if your discoveries have the capacity to create benefit and well beeing.

A way to bring your science to patients and people

Most researchers do what they do because they are motivated by the idea of contributing to a better world. Sound too grandiose? Maybe, but the team working at UBI has exactly the same ambitions. We think that sometimes the best way to implement your discoveries in real life, industry or health care is to try and use the commercial track.

We believe that it is a good idea to contact us an early stage, before publishing, to quickly assess the IPR situation (intellectual property rights e.g. patent). There is no need to worry about disclosing your ideas to us because everyone who works for UBI is bound by strict confidentiality.

Tip! Check out the short Checklist for IPR and patent issues.

Your idea and our know-how combined

When you are ready come over to Tvistevägen 48 for a coffee and a chat. Just across the road from Umeå University campus we can give you instant feedback on wheather your hunch could lead to a future innovation and if so, what precautions you need to take. It is your idea, and you can talk to us in absolute confidence.

We help you evaluate the potential of your idea, without sugar-coating the conclusions. We don't want any researcher to waste their time, and only strong enough candidates are accepted to the next phase. If your case has what it takes, we can offer you the tools and bring you along on a journey of personal development, excitement and great inspiration.

More info on the NABC-method we use to refine our cases.

You can only succeed or learn - every try counts

We do have a tough selection process. And we cannot guarantee that your project makes it to the patient, client or market. But we guarantee that you will leave UBI richer in experiences and perspectives. Success is to dare and try - you either succeed of learn. Give us call or stop by the Silver buildning in between IKSU and Uminova Innovation.

Give us call! Contact info to all our staff here.



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